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2012-06-30 Leesville RR 45+ 4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Report by: John Kretschmann

Race: Leesville Road Race
Date: 6/30/12 @ 8:40a
Category/Field Size: Mens Masters 45+ Cat 4 Field Size 23 Field Limit 50
Team Mates: Matt, Ron, Will, and myself

Weather / Course Description: Nice, upper 60s @ start, low 80s @ finish. Usual wind out of the North,
but not too bad (7-10 mph).

Usual course, 60 miles, 2,893′ of climbing. Same lousy road surface from mile 10 to mile 34. In addition to the main climb (1,100′ in 2.8 miles), there are 2 other significant climbs the 2nd of which is the feed zone climb @ mile 42. The finish line is not very distinct. There are several turns and then a final left hand sweeper that is about 2k before the finish line. The 1k & 200m points were marked with a sign. The finish is wide open and flat and there’s not usually much of a field left so setting up for the sprint is not such a big deal.

Race Plan / Strategy Get to the front before crossing Hwy 20 and maintain position in the top 10 riders to the climb. I was hoping to be able to hang with the lead group up the climb. Any teammates that were close together after the main climb were to group up and work together to the finish.

Race: We got there 1-1/2 hrs before the race start @ 8:40a, which was more than enough time. Very light warm-up ride around the neighborhood just to make sure the bike was ready to go. The first 2-3 miles are neutral and the first 10 miles are flat and relatively easy so not much need for a big warm-up. Will Parks (a new rider) rode easily off the front rightRead More »2012-06-30 Leesville RR 45+ 4

Pescadero RR 2012 45+ 4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Report by: Rod Rozman

Race: Pescadero Road Race
Date: 06/23/2012
Category/Field Size: Men Cat 45+ cat4s mixed with the cat 1,2,3 guys; total 50 cat4s and 50 cat 1,2,3s
Team Mates: Dave, DJ, Gary, Matt, Randy

WeatherCourse Description: 2.7 laps of the course (75 mi; 6k ft), with the finish at the top of Haskings climb. Very good road surface; centerline rule. ~10mph winds from the west; sunny; ~55F @ start, and ~63F @ finish.

Race plan: This was a combined Master 45+ cat1,2,3,4 race. Uh oh. Never been in one of these before. Never done a 75mi race before either. This is going to be interesting. Luckily, the cat4s were scored separately from the others. So, not being sure what to expect (other than it would be grueling), I figured that I would try to keep Todd in my sights as long as possible, then fend for myself when they disappeared into the distance. I hopedRead More »Pescadero RR 2012 45+ 4

Dunnigan Hills Road Race 35+ 4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Report: by Chris Grove

Race: Dunnigan Hills
Date: 8/13/2011
Category/Field Size: Men Cat 4B 35+. 29 racers.
Team Mates: Chris and Felix

Weather/Course Description: Weather was nice. This is the first race I have done where I haven’t started out in some sort of cold weather gear. No significant wind. The course had a fair amount of rollers but nothing big enough to separate out the group. The course was 46 minus 3 miles long (more on that later).

Race Plan:
Felix and I talked about a few plans. We initially thought we would launch several attacks but we decided that it would be best if Felix sat in towards the front while I stayed as protected as possible while looking for an attack or two to join.

Race: Our B group rode pretty fast (we started 5 minutes after the A group but finished only a few minutes behind them). There were several attacks butRead More »Dunnigan Hills Road Race 35+ 4

Central Coast Circuit Race 35+ 4-5

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Report: by Chris Grove

Race: Central Coast Circuit Race
Date: 7/2/2011
Category / Field Size: 35+ 4-5, about 14 racers.
Team Mates: Army of One

Weather / Course Description: Weather was foggy and cool at the start of the race. The sun came out during the race only to get cold and foggy again at the end.

I like the course description from carpool teammate Matt C, so I am going to insert that here:

5 laps around a 4.3 mile up and down course with the longest climb being 90 seconds and 4/10 of a mile. In the back section of the course, there are a series of three stair step short climbs. At the end of the third climb, there is a right hand turn that drops down 7/10 of a mile to a right hand turn. After the turn it’s flat for 100 meters before another right hand turn for a 200 meter 3% grade uphill finish.

Race Plan: With a small field size I knew I was going to have to keep a close eye out for attacks because there may not be enough firepower left in the peloton to chase them down. Also there wouldn’t be as many riders strung out to leap frog my way back to the attack.

Race: The first 3 laps were mostly Read More »Central Coast Circuit Race 35+ 4-5

BP May Crit Elite 4 and 35+ 3/4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Report: by Chris Grove

Race: Bicycles Plus May Crit
Date: 5/28/2011
Category / Field Size: Elite 4, Masters 30+ 3-4, 78+ racers in each race.
Team Mates Elite 4: Chris (report writer) and Todd
Team Mates 35+ 3/4: Chris (report writer) and Patrick

Weather / Course Description: Cool, overcast, occasional sprinkles, with a headwind going into the final sprint.

Race Plan: Stay towards the front and try to get a lead out sprint going at the end.


Elite 4 Race Report: This race was crowded but provided an excellent Read More »BP May Crit Elite 4 and 35+ 3/4