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2013-03-17 Bariani Road Race Report

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Results:

Date / Race: 2013-03-17 Bariani Road Race Report

Conditions: There were a lot of people (75 signed up). The roads were narrow. The weather was warm. The one redeeming factor was a steady 8mph wind from the NNW.
Body Concepts Bike Team riders: Rod, Sean, Gary, DJ, and Pete Gemmell.
The plan: Look for the others near the front of the pack on the west to east stretch prior to the final right turn with two miles to the finish. Set up a leadout train as feasible at that point. Priority #1 was to have fun.

Race Report: Bariani Road Race Report: by Pete Gemmell

The race: Forgive me for any inaccuracies. Sean patrolled the very front of the pack for almost the entire race, bringing in many attempted breaks. Gary took a fearsome pull in the right gutter on the 1st west to east stretch that kept a break of 2 riders within striking distance and guttered much of the pack. DJ came to the front on the last lap but, I believe, was jammed on the left side of the pack on the finishing straight. Rod broke off the front with about 1/2 lap to go, stayed away for a long time, got caught with about 3 miles to go, and still placed 12th. I mostly sucked wheel near the front the entire race, working briefly to help pull those 2 guys back.

In the final sprint, I was in good position on the right side of the pack. Unfortunately, I got confused. There was an ambulance in the road before the finish and I thought that it was at the 300 meter mark. So I sprinted all out, crossed what I thought was the finish line, and slowed down. Then a bunch of riders blow past me and one of them hits me on the right side. I nearly crashed, then recovered, and finished the sprint.

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