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2013-04-14 Turlock Lake Road Race Report 55+ 4

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Date: 2013-04-14 Turlock Lake Road Race Report 55+ 4

Race Report: 2013 Turlock Lake Road Race Report: by Jack Wenzel

When I went to register for Turlock, the 45+ was already full so I signed into the 55+ . I was a little apprehensive racing with the 123’s, plus we did 3 laps (68 miles) instead of 2.

Race: I felt good mentally and physically, but with no team mates I knew I had to ride a shrewd race, i.e. keep my nose out of the wind and stay up close to the front. The first lap was pretty brisk. Going into the second lap a Bicycles Plus rider attacked. Soon a second rider countered and eventually bridged the gap. They had 30 seconds on us for a while. But with 45 miles to go, plus the wind, I didn’t think two riders would survive. We caught them just as we turned into the headwind on the backside of the course. There were no serious attacks the rest of the second lap.

I expected attacks on the third lap either in the crosswind or on the rollers. Bicycles Plus was definitely the strongest team, so I stayed up by the front, always near a BP rider. There were some attacks in the rollers, but everyone was real attentive.

When we made the right turn after the rollers, there was a strong attack. I had to close a small gap and my right leg cramped, but I was able to get back on. I was hanging by a thread for about a mile, almost riding in the gravel trying to get out of the wind. At 1k I was sitting number 5 in a 4 man BP train. The sprint opened in earnest at about 250m. I hung as long as I could, ended up 7th.

Good job everyone in the 45’s. Great team work!

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