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2013-05-25 Folsom Classic Criterium Race Report 35+ 3/4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Report by John Kretschmann: Saturday, May 25, 2013 Folsom Classic Criterium Race Report 35+ 3/4

Teammates Representing Body Concepts: Randy Floyd, John Kretschmann

Field: Total of 76 registered riders. Us two against a whole bunch of Bikes Plus and Folsom Bike guys.


There was a bunch of primes but I really only challenged for one. Randy did a great job (as usual) of positioning himself near the front the entire race and, as usual, I was riding well behind wondering how the heck he stays up there!! I’d make the push up one side or the other of the pack only to get swallowed up again 1/2 lap later.

With 4 laps to go Randy and I both moved forward but I found it difficult to maintain position without eating a bunch of wind. On the last lap I was probably about 20th wheel looking for a way up. Unlike the Folsom Winter crit, there was no strong lead out from any team, just a bunch of guys hammering at the front. My goal was to be 5th wheel through the last corner but it didn’t happen. I was just too far back. I had a really strong sprint, hitting 34mph even though I was boxed in most of the way.

I ended up 14th overall, 6th out of the Cat 4s and the first 45+ 4 to cross the line with Randy just off my wheel. I guess I shouldn’t be too disappointed but it’s starting to get frustrating not being able to figure out how to get good position for the final sprint.

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