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Pescadero RR 2012 45+ 4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Report by: Rod Rozman

Race: Pescadero Road Race
Date: 06/23/2012
Category/Field Size: Men Cat 45+ cat4s mixed with the cat 1,2,3 guys; total 50 cat4s and 50 cat 1,2,3s
Team Mates: Dave, DJ, Gary, Matt, Randy

WeatherCourse Description: 2.7 laps of the course (75 mi; 6k ft), with the finish at the top of Haskings climb. Very good road surface; centerline rule. ~10mph winds from the west; sunny; ~55F @ start, and ~63F @ finish.

Race plan: This was a combined Master 45+ cat1,2,3,4 race. Uh oh. Never been in one of these before. Never done a 75mi race before either. This is going to be interesting. Luckily, the cat4s were scored separately from the others. So, not being sure what to expect (other than it would be grueling), I figured that I would try to keep Todd in my sights as long as possible, then fend for myself when they disappeared into the distance. I hoped my legs would get me to a top-10 cat4 finish.

Race: Everyone hung together for the first lap. We got neutralized at the top of the 1st Haskings climb due to a crash on the downhill after the climb. Some poor soul was being pulled out of the forest on a stretcher as we rolled by. Not going to happen to me, I thought… and off we went for lap #2. The group stretched out a bit on the 2nd time thru the 2 hills on Stage Rd.

I didn’t know it at this point, but 4 or 5 riders broke away from the main field, never to be seen again (by me, at least). Todd was in a chase group consisting of about 20 riders. I stuck like glue at the back of Todd’s group till we hit hwy 84. At this point there was about a 150ft gap from Todd’s chase group to a splinter group of ~10 of us suffering chasers. I mentioned to these guys that we should form a rotating pace line to catch them, then, what do you know, immediately they get into formation and get organized! Here is the difference between cat4/5 riders and the upper cats. We eventually catch Todd’s group before the 2nd pass up Haskings hill. Up we go on Haskings and Todd’s group gapped us a bit again. Our little pace line eventually catches them again at the base of the Stage Rd hills for lap #3. I see Todd at the front of this group, grinding away. My legs started to lose power up the 3rd pass on the Stage rd hills, and off goes Todd’s group… again.

I hit hwy 84 for the 3rd time, all alone this time. Uh oh… don’t want to be out here alone. No man’s land. Luckily I meet up with a few stragglers, and we work together going towards the final climb. We can see glimpses of Todd’s group off in the distance. When we hit the right turn up Pescadero Rd, everyone is stopped at the base of the feed zone. What? The officials say that there is a crash at the top of Haskings. Once cleared they will ‘restart’ us. Huh? A 2mi hill climb sprint to the finish? The officials tell everyone to stay in the same order as they arrived at the stop when the race restarts. Sure. 15 minutes later, suprisingly, everyone seems to obey the official’s order, and the race finishes without a hitch.

Results: I got 8th in the cat4s race, and probably about 25(?) overall. Gary placed 11th, DJ 12th.


  1. Lesson #1: The experienced cat 1,2,3 riders know how to work together. Rotating pacelines actually work. We proved it today.
  2. Lesson #2: To race 75 mi races will require more 100mi training rides for me. Ouch.
  3. Lesson #3: The cat 1,2 3 guys are tough.


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