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9/27/2014 Henleyville Road Race 45+ 4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Report by Ron Faulk: 9/27/2014 Henleyville Road Race Road Race 45+ 4:

Teammates Representing Body Concepts: Charles Magnuson, Dave Bryant, Gary Neiman, Matt Conidaris, Pete Gemmell, Randy Floyd, Ron Faulk.

Field: Total of 24 registered riders. Pete Gemmell finished 8th, Randy Floyd was 12th, Dave Bryant 14th, Tom Wood 16th, Charley Magnuson 17th, Matt Conidaris 18th and Gary Neiman 21st.
Course: Course consisted of 3 laps, for a total of 54 miles. Mostly flat course with a few minor rollers and a slightly steeper set of rollers at the feed zone..
Conditions: Clear and pleasant. Minimal wind.

Plan: Get Pete the points he needed for NorCal BAR, cover attacks and try to get someone in a successful break. The remaining riders would work to disrupt/block the front of the chase group if we were successful getting someone into a break.

Race: Pete escaped off the front about two miles into the race and slowly disappeared into the distance. Matt, Randy and I patrolled the front of the group, sat on wheels and generally disrupted the chasers. This gave our team a great reason to sit in and do no work, saving our energy for later in the race. About 2/3 of the way through the 1st lap, Kris Blee, Toby Katz, Troy Underwood, Jeff Brooks and Matt Marks organized at the front and started reeling Pete in. Pete was caught at around mile 3 of the second lap. The rest of the second lap was for the most part uneventful with everyone near the front markingRead More »9/27/2014 Henleyville Road Race 45+ 4

8-24-2013 Winters Road Race 45+ 4 Report

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Report by Ron Faulk: 8-24-2013 Winters Road Race 45+ 4 Report:

Teammates Representing Body Concepts: Dave Bryant, DJ Singh, Gary Neiman, John Ensign, John Kretschmann, Matt Conidaris, Pete Gemmell, Ron Faulk.

Field: Total of 45 registered riders.
Course: Course consisted of 2 laps, for a total of 48 miles. 24 mile loop (twice), mostly flat with a few rollers and one stair step climb up Cantelow Road.
Conditions: Warm, clear, minimal wind

Plan: John E and Gary attack the Cantelow climb on the first lap and hope that they are joined by others. Remaining BC riders work the front to block and keep them away

Race: Okay, here you go…

Like John said, the first “break” was a two man group on the first lap almost as soon as we exited the neutral zone. One Cushman rider, one Pen Velo rider escaped and slowly disappeared down the road. I watched Cushman on the front of our group as they blocked and one BP rider was also at the front but he did not respond. I figured that it was really too soon for anyone to be attempting a break but also remembered Knight’s Ferry when two riders stayed away. A Davis rider attempted to bridge but never was able to catch the two escapees and he was caught before we hit the climb on Cantelow. BP spent some effort at the front trying to bring back the break and I rotated through a few times along with John, but I also was still thinking that there was a long way to go, which turned out to be correct when we Read More »8-24-2013 Winters Road Race 45+ 4 Report

2013-04-14 Turlock Lake Road Race Report 45+ 4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Results:

Date: 2013-04-14 Turlock Lake Road Race Report 45+ 4

Race Report: 2013 Turlock Lake Road Race Report: by Pete Gemmell

Race Videos: Turlock Lake Road Race Videos

Field: Total of 50 registered riders including 7 Cushman, 6 Kovaris, 6 Wells Fargo, and Charley, Dave, DJ, Gary, Ron, Pete were representing Body Concepts.
Course: 46 miles = two 23 mile laps on rolling hills / mostly flat mostly good roads
Conditions: 70 degrees, sunny, steady 12mph W/NW wind
Plan: lead out train of at least 4 of us at the end with Gary DR and DJ on his wheel
Equipment: new GoPro Hero 3 white edition (video to be emailed or posted somewhere soon)

Race: The pace was pretty tame for the 1st 4 miles. Then there was a bit of acceleration for the 3 miles. Then it was downright slow and boring on Keyes Road going west into a headwind and confined to a single lane. However, the pace picked up heading north with multiple surges at the front. Then there was a right hand turn onto a flat tailwind section of about 2 miles when a group ofRead More »2013-04-14 Turlock Lake Road Race Report 45+ 4

2013-03-24 Regalado Road Race Report 45+ 4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Results:

Date / Race / Category: 2013-03-24 Regalado Road Race Report 45+ 4

Riders: 46, Starting Time 8:40 am. Starting Temperature: Approximately 50 Degrees. Ending Temperature: Approximately 65 Degrees.

Total Race Miles: 52 Miles. Total Race Time: 2 Hours 23 Minutes. Average Race Speed: 21.8 MPH

Teammates: Randy Volkmar, Gary Neiman, Charley Magnuson, Pete Gemmell, Ron Faulk, Matt Conidaris

Race Report: Regalado Road Race Report: by Gary Neiman

Overall, I thought the pace of this race was not too fast. I think most were waiting for the selection to occur on the final lap, which it did. BC always had riders at the front, which was great to see. I was at the front on the first lap but dropped back on the gravel section and it took most of the next lap to work my way back up. Once I got there, I stayed there, which has been one of my goals to work on holding my position. I struggled in the deep gravel at the turns, literally surfing through it. After the race, Ron said that it’s like cycle cross and you have to peddle through it. A few breaks tried to go off, but mostly single riders and nothing stuck. The gravel really took its toll with stranded riders lining that section of the course I assume with flats.

The lead out played outRead More »2013-03-24 Regalado Road Race Report 45+ 4

2013-03-17 Bariani Road Race Report

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Results:

Date / Race: 2013-03-17 Bariani Road Race Report

Conditions: There were a lot of people (75 signed up). The roads were narrow. The weather was warm. The one redeeming factor was a steady 8mph wind from the NNW.
Body Concepts Bike Team riders: Rod, Sean, Gary, DJ, and Pete Gemmell.
The plan: Look for the others near the front of the pack on the west to east stretch prior to the final right turn with two miles to the finish. Set up a leadout train as feasible at that point. Priority #1 was to have fun.

Race Report: Bariani Road Race Report: by Pete Gemmell

The race: Forgive me for any inaccuracies. Sean patrolled the very front of the pack for almost the entire race, bringing in many attempted breaks. Gary took a fearsome pull in the right gutter on the 1st west to east stretch that kept a break of 2 riders within striking distance and guttered much of the pack. DJ came to the front on the last lap but, I believe, was jammed on the left side of the pack on the finishing straight. Rod broke off the front with about 1/2 lap to go, stayed awayRead More »2013-03-17 Bariani Road Race Report