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8-24-2013 Winters Road Race 45+ 4 Report

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Report by Ron Faulk: 8-24-2013 Winters Road Race 45+ 4 Report:

Teammates Representing Body Concepts: Dave Bryant, DJ Singh, Gary Neiman, John Ensign, John Kretschmann, Matt Conidaris, Pete Gemmell, Ron Faulk.

Field: Total of 45 registered riders.
Course: Course consisted of 2 laps, for a total of 48 miles. 24 mile loop (twice), mostly flat with a few rollers and one stair step climb up Cantelow Road.
Conditions: Warm, clear, minimal wind

Plan: John E and Gary attack the Cantelow climb on the first lap and hope that they are joined by others. Remaining BC riders work the front to block and keep them away

Race: Okay, here you go…

Like John said, the first “break” was a two man group on the first lap almost as soon as we exited the neutral zone. One Cushman rider, one Pen Velo rider escaped and slowly disappeared down the road. I watched Cushman on the front of our group as they blocked and one BP rider was also at the front but he did not respond. I figured that it was really too soon for anyone to be attempting a break but also remembered Knight’s Ferry when two riders stayed away. A Davis rider attempted to bridge but never was able to catch the two escapees and he was caught before we hit the climb on Cantelow. BP spent some effort at the front trying to bring back the break and I rotated through a few times along with John, but I also was still thinking that there was a long way to go, which turned out to be correct when we Read More »8-24-2013 Winters Road Race 45+ 4 Report

2013-04-19 Sea Otter Classic Road Race 45+ 4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Results:

Date: 2013-04-19 Sea Otter Classic Road Race 45+ 4

Race Report: 2013 Sea Otter Classic Road Race Report: by Rod Rozman

Teammates: MattC, RandyF, RandyV, MikeE, JohnE

Course: About 53mi and 5400ft (6 laps of a 7.8 mile loop through hilly roads [about 780 feet of climb per lap] + a final 2.3 mile, ~800′ climb); pretty good road surface, but with a couple of sections of small potholes; no centerline rule

Weather: Perfect. Sunny, ~55-65 degrees; not much wind
Race plan: Stay in the front group, stay out of the wind, and go for it on the final climb. I placed 8th in this race last year, and my goal was to do better this year…. so I trained up a bit to get ready 😉

Race: The group stayed fairly large (35+?) as we went round the 6 laps. A few short attacks happened (none in the feed zone like last year!), but they were quickly pulled back. Not much drama, but enough effort to start wearing out legs. Our similarly hilly weekend team rides and the extra training was paying off….the legs feltRead More »2013-04-19 Sea Otter Classic Road Race 45+ 4

2013-03-30 Copperopolis Road Race Report 45+ 4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Results:

Date: 2013-03-30 Copperopolis Road Race Report 45+ 4 – Start time 11:10 AM.

Category: Men 45+ 4

Race Report: Copperopolis Road Race Report (Group A): by Mike Ewing

We had 31 starters, John Ensign, Randy Floyd, Ron Faulk and DJ Singh were representing Body Concepts.

The rough course showed it’s itself immediately! Near the top of the first hill Jim Forester of Cushman Wakefield made a move. Fred Crone followed, we chased until part way around the lake. Made the catch and Fred said to me where were you to help? We continued to push around the course and down that fast, bumpy descent. Got to the finish area on the 1st lap and Fred started offering bribes for help at the finish.

On the second lap, up the first hill started to notice the fatigue setting in because of the pace and road conditions. Ryosei of Sho-Air made a move at the top of the first hill, followed by Kevin Odonell of Cushman. They got a gap on us of about 100 meters by the top of the hill. 7 of us were following, I was feeling the courses wrath. I focused on holding the wheel of Robert Leever of B P. Dan Goldsmith of Sho-Air was also near, but I knew he would not work with me to chase his guy down. We crested the hill before the lake, I was feelingRead More »2013-03-30 Copperopolis Road Race Report 45+ 4

2013-02-23 Snelling Race Report 45+ 4/5

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Results:

Date: 2013-02-23 2013 Snelling Road Race - Gary Neiman - Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team
Category: Men 45+ 4/5

Photos: Race photos can be found on Alex Cliu’s website: 2013-02-23 Snelling Gallery

Race: Snelling Race Report: by Gary Neiman

Weather: 55 to start going to the low 60’s. Wind was moderate to start, 10 mph?, forecasted to go to 19. It did at least that by the fourth lap with gusts probably being higher.

Strategy: Work with Bikes Plus to put three of our riders (Mike, Randy F. and I) and four of their riders in a break following the first lap. Others from both teams were to stay near the front and block. If that failed, Randy V. was the designated rider and we would form a lead-out train to deliver him to the line with me doing the final the lead out.

Race: Field of 60 registered with ourselves, Fun Sport Bikes, Folsom Bike, Kovarus/Wells Fargo and Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada having at lest 4 riders registered. We were represented by Ron, Randy F., Randy V., Matt, Mike, Will, Jim, John E. and myself.

The road was in good condition, the rough areas were still rough, but noRead More »2013-02-23 Snelling Race Report 45+ 4/5

2012-09-29 Henleyville RR 45+ 4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Report by: Matt Conidaris

Race: Henleyville Road Race
Date: Saturday, September 29, 2012
Category/Field Size:: Men 45+ 4/5 – Field Size 40
Team Mates: Dave Bryant, Matt Conidaris, John Ensign, Gary Neiman, Will
Park, DJ Singh, Nelson Frink, Jack Wenzel

Weather: Low 60’s at the start, low 80’s at the finish.
Course Description: 3 laps around a flat 18 mile course with one hill and a few rollers.

Race Plan / Strategy: Get as many riders to place in the top 15 as possible so that we could Read More »2012-09-29 Henleyville RR 45+ 4