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Rod Rozman

2013-04-19 Sea Otter Classic Road Race 45+ 4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Results:

Date: 2013-04-19 Sea Otter Classic Road Race 45+ 4

Race Report: 2013 Sea Otter Classic Road Race Report: by Rod Rozman

Teammates: MattC, RandyF, RandyV, MikeE, JohnE

Course: About 53mi and 5400ft (6 laps of a 7.8 mile loop through hilly roads [about 780 feet of climb per lap] + a final 2.3 mile, ~800′ climb); pretty good road surface, but with a couple of sections of small potholes; no centerline rule

Weather: Perfect. Sunny, ~55-65 degrees; not much wind
Race plan: Stay in the front group, stay out of the wind, and go for it on the final climb. I placed 8th in this race last year, and my goal was to do better this year…. so I trained up a bit to get ready 😉

Race: The group stayed fairly large (35+?) as we went round the 6 laps. A few short attacks happened (none in the feed zone like last year!), but they were quickly pulled back. Not much drama, but enough effort to start wearing out legs. Our similarly hilly weekend team rides and the extra training was paying off….the legs feltRead More »2013-04-19 Sea Otter Classic Road Race 45+ 4

2013-03-17 Bariani Road Race Report

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Results:

Date / Race: 2013-03-17 Bariani Road Race Report

Conditions: There were a lot of people (75 signed up). The roads were narrow. The weather was warm. The one redeeming factor was a steady 8mph wind from the NNW.
Body Concepts Bike Team riders: Rod, Sean, Gary, DJ, and Pete Gemmell.
The plan: Look for the others near the front of the pack on the west to east stretch prior to the final right turn with two miles to the finish. Set up a leadout train as feasible at that point. Priority #1 was to have fun.

Race Report: Bariani Road Race Report: by Pete Gemmell

The race: Forgive me for any inaccuracies. Sean patrolled the very front of the pack for almost the entire race, bringing in many attempted breaks. Gary took a fearsome pull in the right gutter on the 1st west to east stretch that kept a break of 2 riders within striking distance and guttered much of the pack. DJ came to the front on the last lap but, I believe, was jammed on the left side of the pack on the finishing straight. Rod broke off the front with about 1/2 lap to go, stayed awayRead More »2013-03-17 Bariani Road Race Report

Pescadero RR 2012 45+ 4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Report by: Rod Rozman

Race: Pescadero Road Race
Date: 06/23/2012
Category/Field Size: Men Cat 45+ cat4s mixed with the cat 1,2,3 guys; total 50 cat4s and 50 cat 1,2,3s
Team Mates: Dave, DJ, Gary, Matt, Randy

WeatherCourse Description: 2.7 laps of the course (75 mi; 6k ft), with the finish at the top of Haskings climb. Very good road surface; centerline rule. ~10mph winds from the west; sunny; ~55F @ start, and ~63F @ finish.

Race plan: This was a combined Master 45+ cat1,2,3,4 race. Uh oh. Never been in one of these before. Never done a 75mi race before either. This is going to be interesting. Luckily, the cat4s were scored separately from the others. So, not being sure what to expect (other than it would be grueling), I figured that I would try to keep Todd in my sights as long as possible, then fend for myself when they disappeared into the distance. I hopedRead More »Pescadero RR 2012 45+ 4