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2013-03-23 Wards Ferry Road Race Report 35+ 4

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Results:

Date / Race: 2013-03-23 Wards Ferry Road Race Report

Race Report: Ward’s Ferry Road Race Report 35+ 4: by Mike Ewing

We had 36 starters; the weather was cool at mid 40’s. We had James Winne, Randy Floyd, Sean Lollar, and myself representing Body Concepts Race Team. The start time was delayed to 8:40, we rode to the race course for about 2 miles neutral.

The race started as usual at comfortable pace, everyone trying to warm up their legs. It was after the third lap the pace increased as we passed through the feed zone. Three riders went off the front, due the hilly course and multi-lap course fatigue had settled in. I did not try to catch; I conserved energy for the finish. Coming down the hills through the ranch area a Chipotle rider made a move, I grabbed his wheel. We were moving fast, as we made the sharp right turn after the ranch house area he went wide into the grass. Then I punched it, we were leading the chase group at this point. Then came the hills, the race came back together. As all of us approached the second to last hill Brian Baxter from B Plus moved ahead. I followed him closely, he started to fade but we moved ahead. I said to him that we had a gap and we sped away.

At the one kilometer mark we wereRead More »2013-03-23 Wards Ferry Road Race Report 35+ 4

2013-03-17 Bariani Road Race Report

Body Concepts Bicycle Race Team – Race Results:

Date / Race: 2013-03-17 Bariani Road Race Report

Conditions: There were a lot of people (75 signed up). The roads were narrow. The weather was warm. The one redeeming factor was a steady 8mph wind from the NNW.
Body Concepts Bike Team riders: Rod, Sean, Gary, DJ, and Pete Gemmell.
The plan: Look for the others near the front of the pack on the west to east stretch prior to the final right turn with two miles to the finish. Set up a leadout train as feasible at that point. Priority #1 was to have fun.

Race Report: Bariani Road Race Report: by Pete Gemmell

The race: Forgive me for any inaccuracies. Sean patrolled the very front of the pack for almost the entire race, bringing in many attempted breaks. Gary took a fearsome pull in the right gutter on the 1st west to east stretch that kept a break of 2 riders within striking distance and guttered much of the pack. DJ came to the front on the last lap but, I believe, was jammed on the left side of the pack on the finishing straight. Rod broke off the front with about 1/2 lap to go, stayed awayRead More »2013-03-17 Bariani Road Race Report